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Nonprofits for the Future: FREE Webinar 3 Case Studies on Innovative Nonprofits Increasing Funding

Have you noticed that funding your nonpofit has become much harder? After 2008, giving started to dry up and grants became more competitive. If your nonprofit needs a bigger budget to achieve your mission, this webinar is for you.

Nonprofits for the Future: Roadmap to New Funding Sources

Skip the grant hamster wheel and continually chasing donations. Learn how to deepen your impact through developing earned revenue. If your nonprofit has been struggling to make ends meet, then this is the course for you. Because the stakes are high for nonprofits, it's time for an action plan.

Mission Driven Marketing for Companies & Organizations

Balancing a mission and a business makes messaging tough. Learn strategies to connect your customer to your why, and how to convert one time customers into lifelong advocates.


What People are Saying


Jamilah Rashid

Founding Program Director / My World Global Citizenship for Teens

“The Roadmap to Spark New Funding Sources course provided excellent content in mission driven strategy, financials, and marketing for someone looking transform an income generating idea into action.”