Ways Nonprofits are Earning Revenue

It’s been an uphill battle for nonprofits since the economic crash of 2008. Between grants drying up and donors disappearing, the issue of earning revenue and diversifying funding has come front and center. See four different ways that nonprofits are generating revenue, deepening impact, and moving their mission forward.     Are you eager to […]

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Should Nonprofit Admins Have Salary Caps?

It’s an interesting question for the nonprofit world, particularly considering that the bulk of individuals working in nonprofits are expected to take a dramatic pay cut compared to the for-profit world. Yet implementing salary caps was one response to the idea of nonprofits creating earned revenue systems.   “I think that nonprofits generating revenue should […]

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Mile High WorkShop Pushing Boundaries of a Nonprofit

-Guest post by Drew Hackman of Startup Hacker Consulting    If you haven’t taken a look at what I do at Startup Hacker Consulting, then you may not know why I founded it. You may not be familiar with the phrases “social enterprise,” “social entrepreneurship,” “social impact organization,” or a “hybrid model.” You may not know […]

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