Calling All Nonprofit Superheroes! 

The Roadmap to Increase Impact and Spark Sustainable Funding Sources

(without ever writing a grant again!)

Learn how future-ready nonprofits are making limited funding a thing of the past, bypassing the suffocating grant process, and eliminating dependence on donors, all while increasing their impact. This revolutionary workshop in the heart of the Mile High City gives nonprofits the tools to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. 


Nonprofits for the Future:
The Roadmap to Increase Impact and Spark Sustainable Funding Sources Through Leveraging Social Entrepreneurship

Wednesday, November 1st, 8th and 15th at 5:45-7:45 pm
Colorado Lending Source, 1441 18th St, Denver, CO

Yes. We’re expanding the nonprofit toolbox to include business for good. Let's spearhead more changing the world, less funding woes. You'll learn the strategies that innovative nonprofits (that started just like you) are already implementing to change the tide for their organization.

The end result is stronger, more sustainable nonprofits.

This isn't your typical workshop.
It's your complete action plan.

If you’ve imagined a world where nonprofits have budgets as big as the challenges they face, if you’ve dreamed of having a big enough team to execute your mission in its fullest, and if you ever felt that you were only scratching the surface on the true impact that your organization can have, then this program is for you.

The stakes are high for nonprofits. Yet, imagine what problems we could solve in Denver alone if we tear down the constraints?


Tackle Homelessness

Creating innovative solutions that solve the growing homeless problem.

Champion Affordable Housing

Ensuring every family has a safe and warm place to call home.

Eliminate Food Deserts

Creating access to healthy and affordable food in all corners of the city.

Break the Cycle

From homelessness to poverty to incarceration, break the cycle through dignified employment and education.

And that’s not even scratching the surface.

Nonprofits in Denver are already transforming their impact through combining social enterprise and nonprofits in a hybrid approach.

Dozens of nonprofits are using the hybrid model to reach more people, create self-sustaining programs, and help more individuals than ever before. 

Examples from Denver

Dignified Work & Training

This one of a kind food incubator focuses on helping women from low-income and refugee communities through dignified work, culinary training, and embracing the beautiful heritage of cultural dishes.


Increasing Mobility

This educational center spurs the giving of almost 4,000 bikes to children through refurbishing and selling upwards of 7,000 bicycles. copy

Eliminating Food Deserts

Launching a new social enterprise arm, this bike-powered food rescue is increasing access to healthier food and teaching families how to create meal plans through their delivery service.

We are hosting this workshop because the table is already set. There are organizations in place changing the world. But the next step is to unleash the FULL potential of all nonprofits dedicated to social change.

This transformative journey is led by social change catalysts
Alexandra Black-Paulick and Drew Hackman


Alexandra started her professional career wearing a half-dozen hats nonprofits. A deep seeded passion for storytelling pulled her into the marketing world where she mastered the art of messaging. Still yearning for purpose, she found her calling in the social entrepreneurship space.


Spearheading Positive Impact Media, today she works with purpose-driven companies to transform their messaging and branding. Focusing on connecting customers to an organization’s why, she strives to convert one-time customers into long-time advocates.

Alex Frame Box
Drew Frame Box-1


Drew is a bona fide problem solver. Diving into a wide array of industries from energy to manufacturing to healthcare, he has explored companies from the inside and out, from leadership to stewardship. He is fascinated with how organizations create a holistic and sustainable success that fulfill the financial and emotional needs of all involved – beneficiaries, customers, partners, employees, and shareholders.

The mastermind behind Startup Hacker Consulting, today he uses his talents to solve the largest developmental, financial, or organizational challenges facing companies dedicated to solving the social issues.

Introducing this one of a kind event: 

The Roadmap for Nonprofit Superheroes to Increase Impact and Spark Sustainable Funding Sources Through Leveraging Social Entrepreneurship

Wednesday, November 1st, 8th and 15th from 5:45-7:45 pm
Colorado Lending Source, 1441 18th St, Denver, CO

Master how mission-driven nonprofits are launching social enterprise arms to increase their impact, build sustainable funding sources, and drive social change faster than ever before. This innovative workshop breaks down the nonprofit social enterprise hybrid model into easy to use building blocks any nonprofit can implement.

  • Discover exactly how nonprofits are embracing this catalyst to champion their causes better.
  • Uncover opportunities for your organization.
  • Breakdown pricing models designed for your specific audience.
And, as a ChangeMaker Bonus: 
  • Master the art of mission-driven marketing to turn one-time customers into lifelong advocates.


Workshop Night By Night Breakdown 

Night One: Thinking like a Business

We’ll take a step back and smash the notion that nonprofits shouldn’t (or can’t) make money. En route, we will explore existing models in Denver that utilize the social enterprise mindset shift. To get you moving, we will cover:

  • Back to the Beginning: The Origins of Nonprofits
  • Thinking like a Social Enterprise
  • Social Enterprises & Non-Profit Hybrid Case Studies
Night Two: Attacking the Market

In this session, we will continue our business mindset and analyze the market landscape to identify opportunities. Without properly understanding your value proposition, partners and competitors, ideal customer and beneficiary, and proper customer channels, you’ll be running in mud. We will cover:

  • Finding Opportunities - Painting Your Market Landscape
  • How to Develop and Refine Your Revenue & Pricing Models
  • How to Use Design Thinking Methodology
Night Three: Rebranding, Remessaging, and Putting Your Plan into Action

We conclude our workshop with steps you can take to revamp your organization's marketing strategy, branding, messaging, and mindset. We will leave you with actionable steps you can take to implement the tools we’ve developed.

  • Discovering the power of storytelling in mission driven marketing
  • Build in Brand Strategy to Your Overall Messaging 
  • Developing Channels, Partners, and Taking Next Steps
  • Learn to Identify Passionate Customers and Equip Them to Become Brand Advocates

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