Nonprofits: Enter to Win a FREE 60 Minute Marketing Strategy Session

Do you have a nonprofit working to do phenomenal things in the world? Feel that your current messaging and marketing isn’t quite showcasing your mission to potential donors and advocates? Then this is for you.


I’m giving away one 60-minute in-depth marketing strategy session to a lucky nonprofit who takes five minutes to fill out this survey.



Why? You may ask. That’s a fantastic question. In short, I’ve spent a lot of time talking to incredible people in nonprofits (just like you) who keep repeating the same thing. After the economy crashed in 2008 the challenges facing changemakers in the nonprofit world became a lot more, well, challenging. Many regular donations dried up. Grants became more competitive. Yet, the work these organizations are doing became even more important.


As a society, we need to figure out ways to get these mission-driven organizations back on top. The stakes are just too high.


I’m currently working with another incredible changemaker to figure out what some of the barriers are, as well as working to explore creative solutions that organizations can deploy to make a deeper impact. That’s where you come in. I would be so grateful if you took five minutes to fill out this short survey. By doing so, hopefully together we can start to look for ways that nonprofits can deepen their impact.


Oh yeah, I’m also incentivizing you! I’m giving away one in depth 60-minute marketing strategy session to a lucky nonprofit. Whether it’s how to tell your organization’s story in a compelling way or identifying the best marketing challenges to get the message out, we’ll dive into the nuts and bolts of your marketing challenges. Together we will create a powerful path forward for your organization.


Let’s up the ante. If we have over 50 organizations enter, I’ll double my offer to two organizations winning a free strategy session. If we breach 100, I’ll give out four sessions. And up and up. For every 25 organizations I will give out a FREE strategy session.


Sound good?


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Thank you,

Alexandra Black-Paulick
Positive Impact Media | Podcast