How to Create New Funding for Your Nonprofit

3 Case Studies from Innovative Organizations like Yours

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Have you noticed that funding your organization has become much harder? After the economic crash in 2008, giving started to dry up and grants became more competitive. That has hurt nonprofits across the nation. With traditional funding sources becoming more scarce, innovative nonprofits started to create new ways to fund their mission. That doesn't even count the potential decrease in donors because of the new 2018 tax bill. 

If your nonprofit needs a bigger budget to achieve your mission, this webinar is for you.

We are going to dive into 3 nonprofit case studies covering:

  • Innovative ways organizations are creating new funding sources;
  • How they discovered untapped opportunities within their nonprofit;
  • How these funding sources are strengthening their impact;
  • And more!

Join us to discover this new funding approach and how it is changing the nonprofit industry.

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Friday, January 26th 1pm MST 

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Alex Frame Box

Alexandra started her professional career wearing multiple hats in nonprofits. A deep seeded passion for story telling pulled her into the marketing world where she mastered the art of messaging. She founded Positive Impact Media to help purpose driven companies transform their messaging and branding.

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Drew is a bona fide problem solver. Diving into a wide array of industries, he has explored companies from the inside out, from leadership to stewardship. The mastermind behind Startup Hacker Consulting, today he uses his talents to solve the largest developmental, financial, or organizational challenges facing purpose driven organizations.

Ready to revitalize funding to your organization?

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