How Future-Ready Nonprofits Are
Creating New Funding Streams

We put together an in-depth case study featuring three
innovative nonprofits and how they are funding their missions.

Here's a sample of what's inside:

Dignified Work

When looking to break the cycle of recidivism, addiction, and homelessness, one organization looked at employment as the key. The challenge was to come up with how to build in wages.

Increasing Mobility

A bicycle education center gives away over 4,000 bikes to children. This increases independence, creates mobility, and helps fight obesity. The question is how to keep those bikes moving all year long.

Educating Youth

Connecting schools to the ocean helps spur new generations of environmentalists. When kids see the wonders of the world, they are passionate about protecting them. The question is how to expand.

We’re working towards future-ready nonprofits that make limited funding a thing of the past, bypass the suffocating grant process, and never worry about disappearing donors all while increasing their impact. 



Because of everything that is going on in the world, the stakes are high for nonprofits. It's time to start looking at new approaches to achieve your mission.